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Antalya Aquarium
Antalya Aquarium
Antalya Aquarium
Antalya Aquarium

Antalya Aquarium


Kemer - Antalya - Alanya - Belek - Side

Antalya Aquarium from Kemer is a great daily excursion that will please both adults and children by showing the beauties that are hidden under the sea level: Get ready to embrace the mysterious flora and fauna of the seas and oceans!
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1 What is included?
2 What is not included?
3 What to bring with you?
4 You May Also Like
5 The Biggest Tunnel Aquarium in the World
6 Interesting Sections of Antalya Aquarium
6.1 Oceanride XD Cinema
6.2 Snow World Aquarium
6.3 WildPark
7 A Day of Having Fun and Learning
What is included?
Free Hotel Transfer Service
Entrance ticket
What is not included?
Any personal expenses
Drinks, Lunch
Special Sections
What to bring with you?
Sunglasses, Hat, Camera
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The Biggest Tunnel Aquarium in the World
In 2012, Aquarium (or Oceanarium) was opened in Antalya and immediately became the apple of the eyes of the tourists, and since then it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Antalya by being a home to the amazing creatures.
And Antalya Aqurium is not only one of the biggest aquarium complexes of the world, but also it is the one with the biggest tunnel aquarium (the length: 131 meters & the width: 3 meters)! Perhaps that is why people who walk along this long blue tunnel which exhibits the unique animals cannot stay calm: You can always hear the voices of amazement!
As a note here, you will not be seeing same things over and over again; since the tunnel aquarium is divided into 3 sections as:
Tropical Reefs: You will meet the inhabitants of warm currents.
Sunken Atlantis: You will see the ruins of an underwater city and a shipwreck.
The Submarine (the longest part): You will observe the most dangerous creatures of the sea. Never forget to open your eyes widely so that you will not miss any striking scenery!
Interesting Sections of Antalya Aquarium
After taking a walk along the tunnel, you might visit other sections of Antalya Aquarium. And since you will be completely free during our Antalya Aquarium from Kemer, you can choose the ones that attract you the most and enjoy embracing other dimensions! Yet, please do not forget that some of the sections might require entrance fees.
Let’s take a look at the best sections of Antalya Aquarium!
Oceanride XD Cinema
It’s a 3D immersion of the sea is performed in this section. You will feel likeyou are diving to the depths for real and travel in time with Captain Barbossa!
Snow World Aquarium
You can enter this section and leave the summer behind immediately. In its 1,500-square-meter area, you will see a small slice of Antarctica! You can visit an igloo, too, by wearing special clothing which will protect you from the -5 degrees of weather! Also, do not forget to join in snowball fights or make a cute snowman!
If you visit WildPark, you will get fascinated by its atmosphere: Hearing roars, smelling the essences of jungles and viewing some of the tropical animals such as snakes, large spiders, turtles, scorpions and more will make you in a real safari!
A Day of Having Fun and Learning
Now, by joining in Antalya Aquarium from Kemer, you can enjoy gathering up the bests of the nature and expand your cultural accumulation about the life under the sea, on the snow or in the wildest corners of the world! Moreover, you will take amazing photos, see unique animals, mix to the different atmospheres and embrace the Mother Nature in her all shapes!
Book this excursion now, or contact us for further information: We will gladly answer all of your questions 7/24!