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Demre Myra & Kekova Tour with Sunken City Boat Trip

Demre Myra & Kekova Tour with Sunken City Boat Trip





25, €


Every Day

12 Hour

From:  40 €







Mit Glasboden-yacht

30 €

15 €

+ Eintrittsgebühr  Myra

40 €

25 €

+ St. Nikolaus Kirche

55 €

30 €


What's İncluded:

Transfer From & To Hotel

Glass-bottom yacht tour

Tour Guide (English) 

Ful İnsurance 


What's Excluded 

Myra Entrance (if option selected) 

St Nicholas Church (if option selected) 

Personal Spendings




Demre Myra Kekova Tour is exactly the tour programme you should book if you want to see the best places in Antalya. By starting from your location and visiting Demre, Myra and Kekova, you will get to know Turkey's place in the history of the world. This excursion programme includes visits to a number of amazing historical sites that are the true heritage of all world culture. Let's see why.



Discover some of the best of Demre province on the Turkish Riviera

Sail to the sunken city of Kekova

Swim and snorkel in crystal clear waters

Visit the Lycian city of Myra, former home of Saint Nicholas of Myra

Enjoy a complimentary lunch before departing for Kekova


Programme of Demre Myra Kekova from Kemer


Pick up from hotels at 07.30

Check-in at the Icon Shop (15 min.)

Visit to St. Nicholas Church (one hour)

Myra (45 mins)


Boat trip (2.5 hours)

Onyx Shop

Return to the hotels


The sights you will see on Demre Myra Kekova Tour


Demre Myra Kekova Tour is full of landmarks of Turkey that are of global significance due to their wealth of history and beauty. Here they are:


St Nicholas Church in Demre

The ancient city of Myra

Demre Amphitheatre

Demre Lycian Tomb


Simena Fortress (Kalekoy)


St Nicholas Church


This sacred and unique architectural monument dates back to the 4th century and is dedicated to St Nicholas, formerly known as Santa Claus!

Pretty interesting, right?

You will see some paintings on the walls describing his life and enjoy the historical atmosphere.


Myra: The ancient Lycian city


The ancient city of Myra is not far from the Church of St Nicholas and this historic place was named by the Lycians and it means 'land of the sun'.

Here you can visit the ancient Lycian tombs, a kind of necropolis, and enjoy the atmosphere of antiquity. These tombs date back to the 4th century BC.


The ancient amphitheatre of Demre


Today, there are 206 ancient theatres in Turkey that were built during the reign of the Roman Empire.

Demre Amphitheatre is the fourth largest of these famous theatres. It was built in the 2nd century with a capacity of 10000 people!

Demre & Kekova The Sunken City and Kekova Boat Trip

In ancient times Kekova Island was part of the mainland and a large city. However, due to strong earthquakes, a large part of the city sank and the second part of the city became an island. Today, this place is isolated from civilisation and no one lives here because of its historical significance - it is an ancient site. And this island is one of the most picturesque and famous places in Turkey that resembles Atlantis.

One of the most exciting parts of the Sunken City Tour will surely be sailing on the surface of the sunken ancient city of Kekova; however, if you think there cannot be anything better than this, we must proudly say that there is: The boat you will board has a glass bottom so that you can see everything!

In other words, you will not miss a single centimetre of the unique sight of the turquoise sea and the ancient ruins. On the other hand, if you want to observe nature and sunbathe at the same time, you can do so on the upper deck. Both ways,