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Kemer - Antalya - Belek - Side

Kemer Diving Tour is one of the most preferred activities by tourists who love adrenaline and want to explore Mediterranean Sea’s hidden beauties.
Highlights of this excursion  hide 
1 What is included?
2 What is not included?
3 What to bring with you?
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5 Why Should You Dive?
5.1 Let’s Get Started
6 Diving In Aquarium Bay –Inexperienced Divers
7 Kabardzhik Bay –Experienced Divers
7.1 Lighthouse Bay
8 Diving in Kemer for Professionals
8.1 Things You Should Consider Before Booking the Diving Program
8.2 A Perfect Day Rich with Fun and Peace
If you’re into this kind of thrilling programs and planning to visit Kemer especially between months of May and September –the best period for scuba diving- you should definitely be one of our guests.
Let us be a tool that opens the gates of mysterious blue waters for you!
What is included?
Free Hotel Transfer Service
Diving Equipment
What is not included?
Any personal expenses
Photo and Video
What to bring with you?
Sun cream, Sunglasses, Hat, Comfortable shoes
Swimsuit, Towel
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Why Should You Dive?
After completing the initial training part, you’ll receive an international diving certificate.
Diving in Kemer is the best program as both location and easiness: We’ll visit diving spots with very favorable conditions for diving for beginners which have clear and warm waters, sandy bottoms, and only soft currents.
You’ll observe a very rich flora and fauna in the underwater world that is enriched with sunken ships and other historical sights.
Let’s Get Started
After booking Kemer Diving Tour on the day you choose, we’ll pick you up from your hotel and take you to the diving center.
You will be taught then the basics of diving, how to use the equipment and communicate under the water.
All things you should know will be taught by the professional instructors/divers. And you’ll get to the practice step after completing the tutorial part.
All guests will be divided into training groups and then, you’ll dive for the first into clean waters with 3-6 m depth like other inexperienced divers.
Diving In Aquarium Bay–Inexperienced Divers
Located between the districts of Kiris and Kemer, Aquarium Bay is a perfect diving spot for beginners due to having no currents, winds or turbidity.
You will follow the instructions of your professional guide/instructor and enjoy Kemer Diving program fully and safely.
You will then dive and observe many species of fish and marine animals such as rays, squid, sea urchins, etc.
Enjoy the peace under the surface and take photos as much as possible!
Kabardzhik Bay –Experienced Divers
If you are experienced in diving, you can choose this program in which the depth level can reach to 18 m.
We’ll visit a special diving stop called Kabardzhik Bay, formed by two cave both of which are half-full with waters.
Also, this diving spot is rich with a broad variety of sea animals including barracudas, moray eels, stone fishes and other types.
Don’t worry, though: It’s not that rich to have sharks or other dangerous species!
Lighthouse Bay
In the waters of Lighthouse Bay, after reaching to 10 m, you’ll be able to see a small hole leading into a tunnel in the rocks, in which you can see and photograph the local inhabitants such as sea anemones and worms, sea scorpions (eurypterids) and sea hares.
By diving several times to explore there fully, you’ll experience unforgettable moments!
Diving in Kemer for Professionals
Now, let’s attract the professional divers by offering them the chance of seeing well-protected sunken ship parts dating back to WW I in Mediterranean’s depths, reaching to 20-30 m.
By sign up for this diving program, you can observe this combat vessel’s decks and superstructures and take photos of it.
Yet, you should be professional in diving so as to avoid any injuries or tragic accidents.
Things You Should Consider Before Booking the Diving Program
We care about you and your health. That’s why we need to warn you before you book the program.
You shouldn’t join us if you suffer from:
Hearing problems
Also, children (under the age of 18), pregnant women and people who have had surgery within the last 6 months cannot dive, either.
A Perfect Day Rich with Fun and Peace
Kemer’s best scuba diving program, our Kemer Diving Tour will provide you with a perfect day during which you’ll be exploring the rich flora and fauna, sunken historical ships or breathtaking (literally) atmosphere!
Regardless of your talents or experiences in diving, you can join us and make your day perfect. To do so, book this tour online or contact us for further information!