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Dolphins Show
Dolphins Show
Dolphins Show
Dolphins Show

Dolphins Show



Kemer Dolphinarium shelters ones of the most intelligent and cutest animals of the world. They are the playful, cheerful and cute babies of the depths of the waters:
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1 What is included?
2 What is not included?
3 What to bring with you?
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5 A Place for the Happiest Dolphins
6 Great Dolphin Show
6.1 Don’t Forget the Seals
7 Swim With Dolphins
Dolphins, of course… And by visiting there through our program, you will have a chance to see how talented and sympatric they are with your own eyes!
We suggest you to be ready to get excited!
What is included?
Free Hotel Service
Guide service
Entrance ticket
What is not included?
Any personal expenses
Photos and Videos
What to bring with you?
Sunglasses, Hat
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A Place for the Happiest Dolphins
After picking you up by our modern and fully-equipped vehicle, we will get to the special facility in which large pools, sweet dolphins, their professional instructors and many surprises wait for you!
Dolphinarium in Kemer is located in the borders of “Moonlight Park”.  This facility has special sections that are prepared for dolphins in which dolphins are protected from any kinds of dangers.
Instead, they are cared and trained well. Also, they are fed by following a special diet which will make them healthier.
Also, dolphins are kept in the most comfortable conditions, for example, the water temperature is regulated in the pools, and the required concentration of salts and minerals is maintained.
In short, dolphins are very happy where they are, and you will have a chance to see their smiling face…
Great Dolphin Show
An incredible show waits for you in which these lovely creatures will demonstrate all of their abilities.
The pool is surrounded by the transparent walls so that you can enjoy the whole picture; not only on the surface of the water, but also under the depths…
And since the depth of this pool is 6 m, it gives dolphins complete freedom of action.
Don’t Forget the Seals
In addition to dolphins, seals will also perform in the large pools. They are very artistic animals, too.
Seals know how to get you impress by throwing a ball into a basket and deserves all of the applauses. They are also great artists – they constantly practice drawing. Pretty amazing, right?
In there, also, you can buy interesting souvenirs. To do so, you can visit the special section and choose what you attract the most!
Swim With Dolphins
If you have a desire to get to know dolphins much closer, you can swim with them in Kemer Dolphinarium.
Probably this experience will be an unforgettable one for you for a long time!
Yet, this program is purchased separately due to its special content. By signing up for it, you will enjoy the ultimate fun!
In a nutshell, treat yourself with a bunch of unforgettable experiences and make your vacation in Kemer full of fun!
To do so, join us and let us take you to the Dolphinarium in Kemer. We will take you there in a short time and the fun will begin immediately!
For further information, you can contact us and ask all the questions you have about Kemer Dolphinarium program or other Kemer excursions we have!