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Fire of Anatolia
Fire of Anatolia
Fire of Anatolia
Fire of Anatolia

Fire of Anatolia


Kemer - Antalya - Belek - Side

Kemer Fire of Anatolia Show activity will introduce you the best dance crew of Turkey so that got popular globally by performing breathtaking shows for their audience! Fire of Anatolia, Anadolu Ateşi, will blow your mind with their harmonic storytelling, fast and meaningful movements, shining costumes and lively ambiance!
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1 What is included?
2 What is not included?
3 What to bring with you?
3.1 You May Also Like
4 A Guinness-Record Holder Dance Troupe
5 An Incredible Night
5.1 The Dance Show Rich with a Perfect Atmosphere
5.2 How Did Everything Start?
What is included?
Free Hotel Transfer Service
Entrance Ticket
What is not included?
Any personal expenses
What to bring with you?
Blanket or towel (to sit on them)
Mosquito repellents
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Kemer Turkish Night 
A Guinness-Record Holder Dance Troupe
Fire of Anatolia holds two Guinness records by:
Being the fastest dance performance in the world (241 steps per minute)
Having the largest number of spectators during its performance (400 thousand people)
Even by learning these facts, you can easily imagine what kind of performance is waiting for you!
An Incredible Night
The troupe includes 250 professional dancers and all of them desire the same thing: To create an amazing performance and make your night unforgettable. And to do so, they’ll tell a very dynamic story through speaking with synchronized body movements and striking impressions!
Concentrate on their harmony on the stage and get ready to be charmed. We’ll depart from Kemer to see this breathtaking show!
The Dance Show Rich with a Perfect Atmosphere
The dancers will perform on stage in colorful costumes, accessories and makeups.
And the platform will host them is decorated with special ornaments and lightening so that the whole concept will have a strong impact on you.
And during the performance, you will see more than 10 different dances, each of which is a different story about:
and truce
The repertoire of the collective includes two bright enchanting performances:
Troy: It is a dance interpretation of the work of the same name by Homer which tells the story of Trojan War.
Fire of Anatolia: It is a choreographic performance on the theme of the historical Anatolia’s development. In this one, you can see traditional breezes such as rhythmic “halay” dance, energetic oriental lezginka, hypnotic show of dervish monks and much more.
How Did Everything Start?
You might want to know the story of Fire of Anatolia before booking our Kemer Fire of Anatolia Show program and enjoying the show.
If so, here’s the story of the beginning and now…
Dancers of the “Anadolu Ateşi” ensemble do on stage what not every dance group can do.  And founder of this ensemble is Mustafa Erdogan, who has become a worthy example of a professional artist.
In order to create his own team, Mustafa Erdogan held a real casting, which was attended by a huge number of dancers of different levels.
Among them, he selected the best and embarked on intense training: So intense that every day the dancers practiced for 8-12 hours, practicing each movement so that the dance would turn out to be thorough…
They practiced to be perfect, and that’s how they perform the perfect dance show and cerography.
If you would like to see it on your own eyes, you should book this tour online and join us! For further information, you can contact us as well!