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From Kemer Suluada Island & Adrasan Bay

From Kemer Suluada Island & Adrasan Bay




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Let’s Sail to an Isolated Wonder of Natural
To make everything perfect, we will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the harbor of Adrasan.
When the double-deck boat and all guests are ready, we will come aboard and start sailing to the endless blueness!
During the voyage, you might wonder why there are no hotels or facilities around.
Wouldn’t a natural beauty like Suluada be a superb place for accommodation?
Actually, not: Because some of the natural bays and shores on our way are where Carettas spawn!
And that is why they need to be protected from the people, pollution or buildings. If you are lucky enough, you can even see them with your own eyes!
Pure Magnificence of Suluada
The core of Kemer Suluada Island Boat Trip is Suluada, for sure. That is why we have to talk about it shortly, don’t we?
Even if Suluada Island is a smaller natural formation comparing to other islands, it has a growing popularity even more than its sizes!
Because it has white sands just like Maldives do and in its waters, you can clearly see your toes due to its cleanness!
You will probably suffer from being indecisive: Should you lie down on the white sands and enjoy taking photos of this delightful scenery or dive into the crystalized waters?
Try giving time for both; you will adore both of them!
A Tasty Lunch
Since making decisions, swimming, taking photos, chatting with your beloved ones or sunbathing might be tiring, you should refill your energy bar.
To do so, we will enjoy a delightful lunch all together. After regaining the energy back, we will continue to our journey!
Akseki Bay: The Best Spot for Love
The next stop will be Akseki Bay which is famous for its small cave in it. And this cave is called Love Cave (or Love Bay, Love Island) with an amazing story.
The most distinctive quality of this cave is its cold waters chill the swimmers.
And according to some myths, the lower temperature of the water is closely related to the teardrops of a lover who cried a lot after being taken to the Harem and  ripped off her boyfriend.
It sounds a painful love story, doesn’t it?
Do not get upset too much, though, because a perfect swimming session is waiting for you in there!
You should mix to the cool and unpolluted waters both for relaxing and cleansing our body and mind.
At the end of the swimming session, we will come aboard and sail back to the Adrasan harbor.
Visit Suluada Island with Us
Joining in Kemer Suluada Island Boat Trip is the best way to enjoy the wonders of nature, visit the best swimming spots and getting a tan!
Departing from Adrasan and visiting Suluada, you will have golden memories that you will never forget.
For further questions, you can contact us 7/24: We will gladly answer all of your questions.
(PS: The route might change on the tour day!)