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Kemer Pirate Boat Trip Ginza Monster
Kemer Pirate Boat Trip Ginza Monster
Kemer Pirate Boat Trip Ginza Monster
Kemer Pirate Boat Trip Ginza Monster

Kemer Pirate Boat Trip Ginza Monster


Pirate Boat Tour


Every Day

8-9 Hour

From:  10 €


Tour package





From Kemer Marina

(with Lunch)

10 €

5 €

With hotel Transfer 

15 €

10 €



What’s İncluded 

Transfer From & To Hotel

Ful İnsurance 

Tour Guide 



What’s Excluded

Personal Spendings


Entrance ticket to the ancient city “Phaselis”


Kemer Pirate Ship Boat Trip will give you unforgettable moments and it will make real one of your childhood dreams: Getting on a Pirate Ship!
What to bring with you?
Sunglasses, Hat , Swimsuit, Towel, Sun cream
The Advantages of Pirate Ship Boat Trip in Kemer
This boat trip is wonderful as it sounds… but why?
Firstly, you will have an opportunity to get on a fascinating boat, enjoy the landscapes and beauties of the bays and unpolluted waters.
Secondly, this excursion takes place in a grand and cool boat which also shelters many contests and entertainment.
And lastly, it is quite cheap but still will be unforgettable for you!
The Bays We Visit During Kemer Kemer Pirate Ship Boat Trip
Get your camera ready: We will visit the best spots in Kemer and they are:
The Ancient Lycian City of Phaselis
The Ancient Lycian City ​​of Phaselis is located about 12 kilometers away from Kemer and it is one of the best places to visit in Antalya.
The ruins of this city will captivate anyone who is fond of the ancient stories. Numerous mosaics and bas-reliefs, the ruins of the ancient buildings, its unique vibes, clean waters that surrounds it, fresh air with the essences of pine aroma from the nearby jungle…
In short, you will never forget Phaselis!
The Bays of Kemer
The bays and caves of Kemer are located in the coast and they are full of beauty and mystery.
Clean waters and excellent landscapes are what these bays are made of… So, they are enough to recharge you with amount of positive energy and offer to magnificent sceneries to photograph or take a selfie!
Each of them will have another uniqueness.
For example, Kemer Turkiz Marina is famous for its pallets and antique-styled-sailing-boats that carry hundreds of tourists every day.
On the other hand, Cleopatra’s Bay will delight you with its clear blue waters and golden sands.
And Kemer Bay is part of a unique national reserve, famous globally for its outlandish nature and fantastic variety of flora and fauna. Yes, you will fall in love with these places!
Ultimate Fun on the Deck
During the excursion, you will have a chance to participate in the entertainment program on the board of the boat which includes some animators who are dressed as real pirates!
Also, there will be some competitions, a foam party, tasty foods and drinks that can be bought at the bar and of course, laughter and excitement…
Well, for those who want relax on the deck peacefully, there is a special spot at the bow of the ship, which offers an excellent view of the attractions of Kemer. Also, on the upper deck you can lie down and sunbathe.
 Kemer Pirate Ship Boat Trip is Unforgettable
Just like you (adults), children will love Kemer Pirate Ship Boat Trip due to its special animations and events for children. Thus, if you are about to visit Kemer as a family, we can already tell that this trip will be favorite one for all of you.
The pirate ship trip in Kemer is probably the best thematic excursion in Kemer and its quality, program and atmosphere will make prove it. So, contact us and enjoy this joy!
(PS: The route might change on the tour day!)
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