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Horse Tour
Horse Tour
Horse Tour

Horse Tour



Kemer Horse Safari gives you a unique opportunity to enjoy stunning landscapes, learn to ride a horse, breathing fresh air and communicate with smart and noble animals.
Highlights of this excursion  hide 
1 What is included?
2 What is not included?
3 What to bring with you?
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5 Riding Horse in Ultimate Peace
6 Get Healthier Psychically and Mentally
6.1 You Don’t Need Any Talents
7 The Best Horse Safari in Kemer
When riding your horse in the woodlands, breathing fresh air, observing wild flowers and delightful sceneries, you’ll enjoy Kemer to the fullest!
What is included?
Free Hotel Transfer Service
What is not included?
Any personal expenses
What to bring with you?
Sun cream, Sunglasses, Hat, Comfortable shoes
Swimsuit, Towel
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Riding Horse in Ultimate Peace
On the back of one of the world’s loveliest animals, you’ll enjoy the hybrid of green and blue colors.
We created a route in the heart of nature so as to help cleansing your body and mind.
Thanks to the smooth movements of the horse, horse riders’ nervous system calms down, the muscles are strengthened, the tone is increased and leg and back muscles work.
Get Healthier Psychically and Mentally
Horse Safari in Kemer will help you reducing your pains and overwhelming thoughts, too, by fighting against:
Back pain
Physical and mental exhaustion
Riding a horse has a positive effect on human psychology by upping one’s mood.
A half-hour session will charge you with delightful emotions, allowing you to relax your mind and body.
Another fact is, considering body temperature of an animal is higher than a human’s, and your body temperature will incerease contributing to an improved blood circulation.
If you feel the blues, you might charge yourself up by enjoying this activity and get rid of stressing thoughts and problems of life.
Since connecting to animals and nature is such a uplifting action, you will feel much better after the horseriding session.
In short, Kemer Horse Safari will provide you with an amazing day.
You Don’t Need Any Talents
You don’t need to be a master horse rider so as to be one of our lucky guests –it might even be your first time ever!
Our professional and friendly guides who are also very good at riding will lead and teach you secrets and tips of riding a horse.
They will also enlighten you about all the questions you have in your mind so that you’ll feel safe and sound during the entire tour.
The Best Horse Safari in Kemer
We’re sure you’ll enjoy your time to the fullest, in the jungles with pine aroma and fresh air, on the back of your lovely pal!
Petting your horse will color your world in bright tones and natural landscapes will feast your eyes. That’s why our Kemer Horse Safari is the best in its kinds!
You can easily book this excursion online or contact us for further information.