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Tahtali Cable Car Tour
Tahtali Cable Car Tour
Tahtali Cable Car Tour
Tahtali Cable Car Tour
Tahtali Cable Car Tour

Tahtali Cable Car Tour



By signing up for our Cable Car Trip to Tahtali Mountain program, you will get to the highest points in Kemer that offers amazing angles to take incredible landscape photos.
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1 What is included?
2 What is not included?
3 What to bring with you?
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5 How Much Height Do We Talk About?
6 The Thrilling Journey Starts
6.1 Returning to the Station
6.2 Bonus Note: Things to Do At the Peak of Tahtali Mountain
This trip will be quite fun and unique since you will be in a cable car: You will be flying to the peak of Tahtali Mountain in a large cabin with windows and space for up to 80 people!
If you are not suffering from acrophobia, we would like to invite you to come with us and enjoy a delightful ride in the air!
What is included?
Free Hotel Transfer Service
Cable car
What is not included?
Any personal expenses
What to bring with you?
Sunglasses, Hat, Camera
Comfortable clothes
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How Much Height Do We Talk About?
As known as Olympos Mountain, Tahtali Mountain is located around Kemer and the highest point of its peak is 2365 meters.
And reaching there through cable car takes 10 minutes. As an interesting note here, the line of Olympos Cable Car that is the longest one of the world!
In short, get ready to enjoy a panoramic view, fresh air, captivating sceneries and a little bit excitement on the way!
The Thrilling Journey Starts
After picking you up from your hotel by our fully-equipped vehicle and having a road trip, we will get to the place where the adventure begins!
At the lower cable car station which is located in somewhere 726 m above sea level, we will get on the cabin. And when everyone is ready, the journey will begin!
You will smoothly ascend and feel the sense of flying. Since all of the equipment was used at the construction of the Cable Car and the entire system is very qualified, you will feel the swings and hops at minimum level.
So, you have nothing to worry about: Just observe the scenery and embrace the nature!
The valleys with intense jungles, the shining waters of Mediterranean Sea, twisty bays and cute settlements will be your companion.
At the peak, the first thing you should do is to breath the fresh air, then start taking incredible photos of the view!
Probably they will be the best selfies and landscape photos that you have ever had!
Returning to the Station
Cable Car Trip to Tahtali Mountain program will end when the break at the peak ends and we get back to the lower station after spending 10 minutes in the air.
Again, we will pick you up by our vehicles and take you back to your hotel.
Bonus Note: Things to Do At the Peak of Tahtali Mountain
The duration of our Cable Car Trip to Tahtali Mountain will be not that much long, but we would like to share some ideas about what you can do at the peak if you have enough time so that you will already know how to have fun in there for the next time!
You can sign up for special sessions of cable car trip at sunset and dawn.
You can try to attend some extreme sports such as paragliding.
If you prefer more peaceful activities, you can take a walk in the nature or ride a bicycle.
In winter, you can get to the hillsides with your equipment and snowboard and enjoy skiing !
If you like our program, you can book it online or contact us for further information!