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Did you know Kemer Olympos and Yanartas Tour will take you to the most mystical and mythological place in Antalya?
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4 Program of Olympos and Chimera Excursion
5 Yanartas (Chimera)
6 Olympos Beach
7 Mount Yanartas
8 The Lycian City of Olympos
8.1 Let’s Explore Olympos Together
Now you do. And if you wonder what it is, it is a mountain that hosted amazing legends, beautiful goddesses, brave warriors and powerful gods: Olympos Mountain.
Besides its ancient texture, Olympos, meaning “Great Mountain” in Greek, also has a perfect nature rich with intense jungles, captivating sea-view and roundly-shaped gravels on the shores and worth-adding to your list of places to visit in Antalya.
Even Caretta turtles live there!
And all of these features make Olympos, Turkey’s one of the best nature-tourism centers so that we arrange a special program by gathering up all mythology and nature lovers.
What is included?
Free Hotel Transfer Service
What is not included?
Any personal expenses
Entry tickets to Lycian City
What to bring with you?
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Program of Olympos and Chimera Excursion
During this trip, we’ll visit:
Olympos Beach
Lycian City of Olympos
Mount Yanartas (Chimera)
Popular places and sights;
And we’ll enjoy a fascinating session of jeep driving
Sounds cool, doesn’t it?
When you learn more about them below, you’ll agree with us.
Yanartas (Chimera)
Perhaps Kemer Olympos and Yanartas excursion’s most interesting and admirable stop will be Chimera, known as Yanartas in Turkish, meaning “flaming rock”.
This name was derived from a mythological definition given to fire-breathing hybrid monstrous creatures with body parts from various animals.
You’ll not meet any monster, though, but you’ll see enduring flames that’s been alive for centuries.
The flaming rock, Yanartas hasn’t been extinguished by any natural conditions due to its unending source of gas.
And you’ll have a chance of seeing this navigation point of ancient sailors, mythological wonder and beautiful scenery.
Olympos Beach
Being world’s cleanest pebble-covered beach with 4 km length, relaxing and amazing sight of Olympos Beach will ease your mind and soul.
Kemer Olympos and Yanartas Tour continues with a visit to Olympos Beach that gathers amazing features up such as a pine forest along the shore, National Park with a rare flora, and medieval and antique ruins.
Moreover, even Carettas live there and if you’re lucky enough, you can see how the life begins for them!
Mount Yanartas
Mount Yanartas is where Bellerophon killed Chimera, a mystical monster, so that a hero arose and a fiery monster fell down, leaving its flames behind -under the ground; yet can be seen on the lands.
It is Yanartas, as we mentioned above, and after learning the whole story, you’ll get charmed more and more.
Thinking of this flaming rock, Yanartas, as the last breath of Chimera makes this unique scenery pretty interesting.
The Lycian City of Olympos
Olympos is a significant place for mythology admirers by hosting a part of Lycian City as well as having myths like Chimera.
In the 3rd century BC, Hephaestus (Vulcan), the god of fire, blacksmithing, metalworking and craftsmen, and husband of beautiful Aphrodite was the main god of Lycian City of Olympos.
Hence some special festivals were arranged for him.
That striking atmosphere and ruins of magnificent buildings from this Lycian period is still here, standing with its glamour.
Let’s Explore Olympos Together
In the dark, at the best time for exploring Olympos, we’ll be visiting this captivating land and hearing mythological stories. For a full comfort, fun and relief, we would like to invite you for a very special ride.
To accept it, you can book this Kemer Olympos and Yanartas Tour online or contact us for further information.