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Swimming Tour with Dolphins
Swimming Tour with Dolphins
Swimming Tour with Dolphins
Swimming Tour with Dolphins

Swimming Tour with Dolphins



Our amazing program Kemer Swimming with Dolphins is a portal to precious feelings by connecting you with one of the most beautiful marine creatures.
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1 What is included?
2 What is not included?
3 What to bring with you?
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4 Amazing Kemer Swimming with Dolphins Starts
4.1 A Short Guided Tour
5 Let’s Swim with Dolphins
5.1 Important Notes
6 End of Kemer Swimming with Dolphins
Furthermore, thanks to amazing introduction part, you will be able to enjoy learning interesting things about these animals, their talents and more before getting to that swimming section.
Now, if the thought of meeting those sympatric animals has already got your interest, continue reading to learn more about the program.
What is included?
Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
Swimming Session
Full Insurance
Entrance Fee
What is not included?
Professional Photos And Videos
Personal Spendings
Food & Drinks
What to bring with you?
Sun Glasses
Comfortable Shoes
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Amazing Kemer Swimming with Dolphins Starts
First of all, to start Kemer Swimming with Dolphins perfectly, a luxurious, completely air-conditioned and new bus will pick you up from your hotel in Kemer.
Then, you’ll have a nice road trip and be transported to the Kemer Dolphinarium.
When you arrive, the journey will begin!
A Short Guided Tour
In there, you will have the opportunity to meet the experienced dolphin trainers who are in charge of the dolphins’ well-being and training.
Those professional trainers will offer a guided tour being full of introduction about life under the water and fun facts about those animals.
Next, you’ll move to the big pool: Swimming experience is about to start!
Let’s Swim with Dolphins
The second phase of your excursion will start after the briefing is completed!
To swim with the dolphins, you will reach a specially built pool in groups of 6-7 participants.
The duration of your swimming will be 15 minutes.
You will have one of the most peaceful experiences of your life by softly swimming with them.
You’ll love those priceless moments of bonding with an innocent animal and leaving behind all kinds of dissatisfaction, exhaustion, and boredom!
As a suggestion, at the end of swimming, we recommend kissing or petting them afterward to express your love to dolphins.
Important Notes
The service is not appropriate for children under the age of 8, pregnant mothers, or those under the influence of alcohol.
Second, we don’t want to pollute the pools where dolphins swim because their wellbeing is so important to us. As a result, should not use sunscreen before going swimming.
End of Kemer Swimming with Dolphins
When your time is done, we will pick you up from the facility and have a comfortable trip to your hotel.
Our Kemer Swimming with Dolphins event will be completed successfully after the trip.
Now, if the content of the tour appeals to you, don’t forget to book it!
Also, find out all of the things to do in Kemer for a fantastic vacation!